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The Nature Hideaway Kit

Build your very own hide, using natural frame and screening, camouflage netting, a waterproof tarpaulin and your own imaginative and ingenious mind

Snuggle into your secret shelter with your spotter-sheet & monocular and copy on the birds, animals and mini-beasts that share your space.

The Den Kit Company and the National Trust share a passion for helping children connect with nature from an early age. That’s why we’ve joined forces to create this National Trust Nature Hideaway Kit designed to appeal to older children’s natural sense of adventure and discovery. Together, we hope to spark wonder, test ingenuity and help create a generation that cares for nature into the future.

A minimum of £2000 will be given to the National Trust through the sale of this product

FREE UK delivery for items £40 and over!

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years
strangulation hazard.

Recommended age 6+

Adult Supervision Necessary

Included in the kit...

The Nature Hideaway Kit
Iconic Duffle Bag
This roomy duffle bag is made from cotton canvas. It has a useful shoulder strap for easy carrying. There is plenty of room to add extra stuff to your Nature Hideaway Kit - embroidered with the National Trust logo
The Nature Hideaway Kit
Camouflage Netting
Everyone should own a piece of camo netting! Approx 1.8mx2. Shake it out and drape over anything to create instant camouflage!
The Nature Hideaway Kit
Ground Sheet
A tough, durable, green tarpaulin to use as part of your structure or as a groundsheet. Has metal eyelets so it can be fastened down. 1.8x1.2
The Nature Hideaway Kit
Nature-spotting monocular with 8x21 magnification- it really works .
The Nature Hideaway Kit
An ingenious, flexible rubber connector for frame-construction in brilliant orange so it won't get mislaid in the woods.
The Nature Hideaway Kit
Shropshire Ash hand-made mallet
A beautiful, unique and functional handmade wooden mallet fashioned from Shropshire coppiced ash.
The Nature Hideaway Kit
Clipboard with Drawing Pad and Spotter Sheet attached
A sturdy mini-clipboard made from recycled cardboard, a fun nature scavenger hunt and a drawing pad- keep your own personal log-book.
The Nature Hideaway Kit
Tree Branch Pencil
The Nature Hideaway Kit
Camouflage face paint in khaki and brown - washable, water-based, cruelty-free and made here in the UK. Blending in with nature, without harming it - perfect for the environmentally conscious explorer.