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13 Nov, 2015

We’re Back! But Where The Heck Have We Been?!

Well, technically we haven’t been anywhere, but it’s been quite some time since we updated you guys on just about anything. Well fear not, we’re dusting off the Flibberty blog and plan to keep in touch just a little bit more regularly from here on out!

As you might have guessed it’s been a very busy couple of years for Flibberty, since we launched the new website we’ve been focused on building up our range and spreading the good word, the passion we have for creating handmade outdoor products burns brighter than ever and in a world where our children are becoming so reliant on technology our mission is more important than ever: Fresh ideas, fresh air and fun!

In the last couple of years we’ve launched a whole bunch of new products, products that you guys have come to love, like: the Potions kit, the fairy kit and of course the big den kit for girls… And we have some amazing new arrivals still to come!

We had the pleasure of creating a bespoke Den Kit for Cotswold Outdoor and also managed to bring on our very first employee – Jake – and what a hire he turned out to be! He’s a dab hand at mallet making and just about everything else.

There’s so many events that we took part in, it’d be a very long post if we named every single one that we went to! One of our favourites was the Country Living Harrogate event, so many exciting businesses there and it’s a privilege to be a part of it…

So, that’s where we’ve been, but we’re back, and we can’t wait to keep in touch with you more often. If you’re not already following us you can catch us on social media! On this blog we’ll be sharing updates, offers, competitions and ideas on how to have your own little adventures!

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