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25 Oct, 2016

Getting ready for the Christmas rush


This season is always manic at flibberty headquarters!  We love it. Getting ready for the Christmas rush which seems to start earlier and earlier every year. Just as we promise ourselves every year, this year we have resolved not to be found packing den kits into the early hours leading up to Christmas! Time will tell if, as our business has grown, our business acumen has grown with it! What is still quite astonishing though is, genuinely, even after making tens of thousands of den kits, we still both get so much pleasure from assembling them.


We have had such an exciting year developing new products based on our passion for Forest School and getting children outdoors exploring the natural environment and just playing. If you ask yourself to recall a very happy time in your childhood, chances are you will remember something you were doing outside and all research indicates that spending time outside in a natural environment contributes hugely to our well-being and mental-health.

In other news we have welcomed Kay’s son Charlie Miller onto our design team. He has done some great work for us and we hope you love his stuff as much as we do!