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This is a fabulous kit. As relevant to a 5 year old as an 85 year old!! Hasn’t failed to impress and has seen my children (5 and 8) having enormous fun but also us adults indulging too!! Very well conceived and made and the satchel to contain it in is fab! It goes with us everywhere in the back of the car and is used every opportunity we get! Promotes good old fashioned outdoor play!

My 9 and 4 year olds love this toy and are having great adventures in the garden. Plenty of imaginative play ideas from using this toy. Packs really well back into bag. Definite good buy. Had to buy another cup though so that they both had 1 each – no point drinking hot chocolate in the den on your own is there?!

My nan bought me a Mega Den Kit a couple of years ago. It was honestly the best present I ever had! I used to carry it everywhere with me. I still use the stuff out of it now when I go camping!

We have now bought three of these Den Kits as each one has proved to be so popular with our grandchildren, each family has wanted one!

The boys love the idea of building a den and cooking outside. Our Grandaughter loved her brother’s so much we purchased the purple girls set as well. Great fun!

Brilliant for children of all ages – I have now bought four in total for friends’ children.

Get your children in the great outdoors and be a family. Buy a cheap disposable BBQ, a few sausages and rolls and watch their faces light up. Best thing I have ever bought.

Bought this for our 11-year-old who said it’s absolutely the best present he’s ever had. His brothers and sisters enjoyed it too (ages range from 2 years to 15 years), they all enjoy it!

Once we’d located our spot and tied the rope (which is more than long enough), the boys threw the tarpaulin over the rope and pegged it down in no time. There was just about enough room inside for our family of 5 to sit and drink hot chocolate and eat biscuits, and it was really cosy.

We’ll definitely be taking this out again as there are not many things that all 3 children enjoy doing together due to the age differences, but this was really enjoyed by everyone. Let’s just hope for some more lovely days like today though.

Dear “Flibberty”

Just a quick note to say that the Den Kit we gave our 5 1/2 yr old grandson at Christmas was a “mega hit” & “cool” he pounced on it straight away and carried it around with everywhere…even over lunchtime he had the bag hanging on the back of his chair and of course he took it to bed with him. The only downside was of course the weather! he couldn’t go outside and use it straight away.

As it is his his 6th birthday soon I have just ordered from you the camouflage kit, whistle & compass so I think he will be further delighted ( if that is possible)  I would also add that I have purchased locally a camouflage-print  T-shirt to complete the whole theme.

Many thanks for coming up with the “Den Kit” experience…such a change from electronics!

Helen…grateful granny!

I’m telling all grannies about this den making kit. A great way of occupying the children especially now school holidays are coming up.