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About Us

Kay & Jo live and work in rural south Shropshire, visited regularly by their grown-up children (7 between them) and friends who seek to escape city life. Passionate advocates of outdoor and creative play, they are both Forest School practitioners, starting their teaching careers in Early Years (nursery and reception level) before becoming Head Teacher (Kay) and eventually starting up the Den Kit Company.

About The Den Kit Co.

Our Den Kits were designed to encourage children outside - whether a tiny backyard, on top of a hill, in a meadow, field, forest, beach or balcony. The promise of a hand-crafted space in which to set up a temporary retreat is tempting to children (and adults) of all ages, and with little or no previous den-building experience. No plastic, no batteries, no complicated instructions - this is inclusive, simple, unadulterated fun.

About The Den Kit Co.

Of course, whilst our Den Kits appeal to children’s natural sense of adventure, they are also an effective teaching tool. Unencumbered by adult intervention, children are free to explore their own creative talents for problem solving, critical thinking and ingenuity. Regular outdoors play will engender a respect for the natural environment, force them to adapt and deal with change, offer multi-sensory experience and help them to gain a sense of mastery.

Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world, but themselves.

‘Logic will get you from A-Z; imagination will get you everywhere’ - Albert Einstein